The technical requirements of our schemes are high, in order to ensure that they provide something of value. However, once you have met the technical requirements, we believe that you should be able to achieve certification swiftly with minimal fuss, without having to battle with your certification body's administrative procedures, or unacceptable lead times. Our operation has a strong emphasis on customer service, so that you can quickly deal with the certification and carry on with your business.

Audit visits:

We believe that auditors should understand your business, and be fully knowledgeable about the industry in which you operate, the manufacturing process for your product, and how your product should be installed and maintained to achieve the required performance. This knowledge can only really be obtained from years of experience working within the industry, preferably as a manufacturer or installer.

For this reason, we take a different approach to many other certification bodies, training technically competent people to audit, rather than employing trained auditors, then attempting to pass on technical knowledge. When we carry out an audit for you, you can therefore expect any observations, recommendations and requirements raised to be beneficial to your business.

Audit tests:

Audit tests help to demonstrate that the ongoing performance of a product is maintained in the ongoing production. Striking the right balance with the frequency of audit tests and the selection process is important. Whilst it might provide a high level of confidence to take a random sample daily and test it, this approach is unlikely to be commercially beneficial for a bespoke product manufacturer. It would have a significantly detrimental effect on lead-times, as well as a massive cost impact.

We have set our audit test requirements to give credibility to the scheme, without putting an unrealistic burden on the manufacturer. Audit samples must be demonstrated to be representative of production and are taken at appropriate intervals to give confidence in the manufactured product.