Fire doors

FiredoorsFinalUnder most conditions, a fire doorset is only required to operate as a normal doorset, allowing people to pass from one room to another. However, in the case of a fire in the building, the doorset needs to act as a barrier to the fire, containing it, so that people can travel past the doorset and escape from the building. The fire resistant properties of such a doorset are therefore rarely called upon, but when they are required, it is critical that the doorset performs as expected.

A fire doorset needs to have a proven fire resistance performance. This is achieved by testing a sample doorset in a furnace at roughly 950oC to determine how long the doorset will prevent the passage of fire. Doorset performance is classified in minutes (i.e. 20, 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes).

Our fire door scheme is designed to verify that products are manufactured to the specification that was initially tested, to provide confidence that the product will perform as expected in the case of a fire.

Having chosen a fire doorset, it is important that it is installed and maintained correctly, to maintain the performance of the product. We therefore suggest that you choose a member of our scheme for the installation and maintenance of fire doors.

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